What you need to know about the daily, weekly and character Punchcards.

Fortnite’s Punchcards are a timed-limited series of challenges.

During Chapter 2 Season 8, these work differently than Season 7’s Legendary Quests.

Completing these steps offers a good amount of XP – making them well worth the effort to complete before the next set arrives.

This page explains this week’s Character Punchcards, when the next questlines go live, and how daily and weekly Punchcards work.

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Fortnite daily, weekly and character Punchcards explained

Punchcards serve as a way to display groups of challenges and quests across three different categories: daily, weekly and character Punchcards.

The first two are rather straightforward, and usually require for you to either complete a certain number of quests, spend gold bars, or place top 10 with friends, to name a few examples.

Character Punchcards, on the other hand, present five-step questlines. These are tied to the new character collection in Season 8, and present an array of quests to complete, ranging from fairly simple tasks to some a bit more involved.


In order to kickstart a Character Punchcard questline, you need to talk to the NPC in question and accept the quest from the dialogue wheel.

It’s worth noting that while daily and weekly Punchcards are time-limited, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Character Punchcards.

You’re free to tackle them as you go, but do bear in mind that you can’t have more than five active questlines at the same time.

You can only accept five questlines at a time.

If you try to pick up an additional quest, you’ll be given the option to replace any of the ones you’ve taken already.

This should cover all the basics, and we’ll be keeping this page up to date as weeks pass and Punchcards continue to evolve. In the meantime, you can find what’s waiting for you this week below.

Fortnite Character Punchcards and this week’s questline steps explained

At the moment, Character Punchcard questlines are not time-limited, but there is no guarantee that they will remain active throughout the whole season.

The currently active Character Punchcard questline steps are as follows:

Scuba Jonesy Surf Turf Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Swim at both Lake Canoe and Lazy Lake – 12k XP
  2. Submerge a driven vehicle into a large body of water- 14k XP
  3. Throw a fish back in the water – 16k XP
  4. Hunt one wildlife – 18k XP
  5. Consume a fish and a meat in a single match – 20k XP

Madcap Mushroom Master Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Destroy a farming tractor – 12k XP
  2. Forage two mushrooms- 14k XP
  3. Craft a weapon – 16k XP
  4. Destroy two refrigerators – 18k XP
  5. Consume an apple and a banana – 20k XP

Toona Fish Hue-ge Discovery Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Visit three different named locations – 12k XP
  2. Dance within 10m of an IO guard – 14k XP
  3. Visit the Aftermath – 16k XP
  4. Pop the tires on five vehicles – 18k XP
  5. Buy an item from a character ​- 20k XP

Baba Yaga New Brew Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Mark a Medkit, a Bandage and a Small Shield Potion – 12k XP
  2. Use any of the services of a Mending Machine – 14k XP
  3. Consume foraged items – 16k XP
  4. Restore health with fish – 18k XP
  5. Use a Bandage or a Medkit in The Sideways – 20k XP

Dusk Vampire Combat Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Ring a doorbell until it breaks – 12k XP
  2. Damage an opponent within 30 seconds of landing – 14k XP
  3. Deal 75 pistol damage from above – 16k XP
  4. Get an elimination with a Pistol, SMG, or Shotgun in the Sideways – 18k XP
  5. Finish a downed enemy with Harvesting Tool ​- 20k XP

Pitstop Stunt Training Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Refuel a vehicle with gas – 12k XP
  2. Travel 500 distance while in a vehicle – 14k XP
  3. Destroy mailboxes with a vehicle – 16k XP
  4. Get two seconds of air time with a vehicle – 18k XP
  5. Interact with an overturned car to flip it rightside up ​- 20k XP

Kitbash Making Friends Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Collect nuts and bolts – 12k XP
  2. Craft an item – 14k XP
  3. Upgrade a weapon at a weapon bench – 16k XP
  4. Honk a vehicle’s horn within 10m of an opponent – 18k XP
  5. Survive three storm phases ​- 20k XP

Dark Jonesy Spooky Story Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Collect a shotgun and shells at Steamy Stacks – 12k XP
  2. Stoke a campfire – 14k XP
  3. Crouch within ten metres of an opponent for two seconds – 16k XP
  4. Cause 150 headshot damage on monsters in The Sideways – 18k XP
  5. Defeat two waves of Cube Monsters in The Sideways anomaly ​- 20k XP

J.B. Chimpanski War Effort Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Make a donation to the war effort donation box – 12k XP
  2. Deliver a car to the Weather Station – 14k XP
  3. Harvest 100 metal from an alien crash site – 16k XP
  4. Talk to three characters – 18k XP
  5. Interact with a mounted turret – 20k XP

Penny Build Passion Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Destroy five opponent structures – 12k XP
  2. Build five structures at Craggy Cliffs- 14k XP
  3. Harvest metal from both Weeping Woods and Steamy Stacks – 16k XP
  4. Hit four weakpoints while harvesting- 18k XP
  5. Emote within 10m of an ally-built structure – 20k XP

Torin Monster Research Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Enter the Sideways – 12k XP
  2. Collect a Sideways weapon- 14k XP
  3. Deal 100 damage to players with a Sideways weapon – 16k XP
  4. Eliminate ten cube monsters in The Sideways – 18k XP
  5. Complete a Sideways encounter – 20k XP

Fabio Sparklemane Party Locale Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Use a Zipline – 12k XP
  2. Destroy five pieces of furniture at Apres Ski- 14k XP
  3. Dance at two different alien crash sites – 16k XP
  4. Dance for two seconds after damaging an opponent – 18k XP
  5. Dance for five seconds while in the sideways – 20k XP

Kor Sniper Elite Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Collect a sniper rifle – 12k XP
  2. Deal 150 damage with an assault rifle or sniper rifle – 14k XP
  3. Get two headshots with an assault rifle or sniper rifle – 16k XP
  4. Deal damage within 30 seconds of hiding in a haystack, dumpster, or a Flusher – 18k XP
  5. Emote on top of a mountain – 20k XP

The Brat Hot Dog Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Open a cash register – 12k XP
  2. Destroy three couches or beds – 14k XP
  3. Complete a quest from another character – 16k XP
  4. HPurchase a weapon of Rare rarity or higher from a character or Weapon-O-Matic – 18k XP
  5. Damage opponents with weapons of Rare rarity or higher – 20k XP

Charlotte IO Heist Questline (Added on September 13th)

  1. Collect an assault rifle and a grenade – 12k XP
  2. Reach max shields (1) – 14k XP
  3. Visit an IO Outpost or the IO Convoy – 16k XP
  4. Eliminate IO Guards (2) – 18k XP
  5. Search a chest in an IO Outpost or in the IO Convoy – 20k XP

If you’re curious about when exactly you can expect Punchcards to change or when more will be added, the next section can help.

Season 8 and The Sideways have arrived in Fortnite. You can now start collecting the Season 8 Battle Pass skins, investigate the map changes and obtain the new Victory Umbrella!

Make a start on the Season 8 questlines, with the IO Heist and finding IO guards and mending locations for Baba Yaga. You can also start collecting colour bottles for Tonna Fish and completing the new character collection.

Fortnite Punchcards reset time: When do the next daily, weekly and character Punchcards go live?

As per the first week of the season, we are yet to see when more Character Punchcards will be appearing. In the meantime, we do know the reset times for both daily and weekly Punchcards.


New daily Punchcards go live at the following times:

  • UK: 2pm (BST)
  • Europe: 3pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 9am (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 6am (PDT)

New weekly Punchcards go live on Mondays at the following times:

  • UK: 2pm (BST)
  • Europe: 3pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 9am (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 6am (PDT)

We will be keeping the times up to date in case there’s any changes. Until then, have fun completing the Punchcards!

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