Top 10 best one-button games on Android

Top 10 best one-button games on Android | Articles

Alto’s Adventure

Developer: Snowman

Genre: Endless running

Alto’s Adventure is a really sleek platformer where you find yourself skiing down beautiful mountains, achieving goals and unlocking new ones that you can then try to master. You will find yourself tapping to jump over hazards, collect coins, and keep gliding on the snowy hillside, as the background changes and you get further down the mountain. It’s a classic one button game, you’ll love it.

Jetpack Joyride (previously Machine Gun Jetpack)

Genre: Action, Arcade, Endless running

Jetpack Joyride (previously Machine Gun Jetpack)
Jetpack Joyride has you using your jetpack to keep to the sky, dodging obstacles and collecting coins along the way. There are a few different environments to fly through, a bunch of different jetpack types, and more for you to discover. Jetpack Joyride is one of those games you see at arcades – it’s hard to master but very easy to pick up and start playing – not to mention addictive!


Publisher: Crescent Moon Games

Genre: Arcade, Retro

Swordshot is a more casual game on this list – but one that requires great timing and good patience. In Swordshot, you will be jabbing your sword into enemies, but there are always lots of items floating around them, and you will need to be able to get your sword to fly between these items. It’s a challenge, but there are tons of power-ups to help you along.

OCO 2019

OCO is another sleek platformer, which allows you to move around a circular point, tapping to jump your cube creature. There are often jump pads to automatically boost you and coins to collect. It’s a clever game that procedurally generated levels, so there is a lot to explore. You can also use the level create mode to make your own, if you are looking for something new.

Crossy Road

Developer: Hipster Whale

Genre: Arcade, Platform

Crossy Road
Another game you are likely to see in an arcade, Cross Road is a newer version of Frogger, where you are looking to tap to get your character across a long, never-ending world, full of all sorts of hazards that might end up directly in your way. It’s another one button game on Android that is hard to master but easy to play, and is quite addictive.


ORD. is a simplistic narrative driven game where you are presented with a few words – most of the time there is only one word or possible there, with a few options as to what to choose. Your story will always go to different paths and it can end up becoming quite interesting – going through different worlds, fighting different monsters or just simply being scared.

Gravity Galaxy

Publisher: PixelByte ltd

Genre: Arcade

Gravity Galaxy
Gravity Galaxy sees you tapping the screen to launch a ship, to another planet. You’ll need to use the gravitational pull around each planet in your planning, ensuring that you are able to make it to the blue-green planet at the end of the level. There is a lot of planning when it comes to your route to the end, but you do have a few lives to make it to the end with. Want to control the space ship with a finger? This one button Android game will let you do exactly that.


Developer: Frogmind Games

Publisher: Frogmind Games

Genre: Adventure

Badland is a platformer where you are looking to guide a swarm of fluffy winged creatures through a level filled with loads of dangers. We are talking lasers, saw blades, sharp rocks and more. You will need to tap the screen to make the creatures flap their wings and move. Despite the controls being very simple, it’s quite a challenge to make sure these strange blobs don’t end up bashing themselves into something that will kill them.

Leap Day

Publisher: Nitrome

Genre: Platform

Leap Day
Leap Day gives you a new level each and every day – which you can defeat by tapping to make your character jump. They run back and forth across a small portion of the level, and you need to jump to climb higher. You can double jump or wall jump, as long as you avoid the large number of dangers there are in each level. As you get higher, there are more enemies, spikes, lasers and other hazards to avoid, but there are also check points and fruit for you to pick up to keep you going.

Stretch Dungeon

Stretch Dungeon

Instead of climbing up, in Stretch Dungeon you are actually falling through endless dungeons, trying to avoid dangers as you fall. You can actually stretch the walls – making them move inwards by tapping the screen, which will allow you to bounce and slide around dangers. The layout of the dungeon is procedurally generated and there are four different zones, allowing you to see something new each time you play this one button wonder on your Android.

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