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Updated September 14, 2020: New entries added

We’ve all encountered those earnest video game bores who insist that graphics don’t matter. It’s the gameplay that counts.
Utter poppycock, of course. The last time we checked, video gaming was a predominantly visual medium.

Besides, how a game looks can have a profound impact on how it plays. How many of your favourite games are downright ugly? The best examples ten to marry solid mechanics with a believably realised world. In other words, they tend to look the part.

It’s no coincidence, then, that the following list is full of games that are really good fun to play. Visuals, gameplay and audio all tying together beautifully to make brilliant games

Only some of the games on this list take a photorealistic, or technically expansive approach to graphics. Some are more abstract leaning on a great art style to make their point.

And there’s quite a variation in the type of game we’ve included too. All they really share in common is that they make us go ‘oooh’ when we look at them.


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