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Updated September 3, 2020: New entries added

If you want to find a dependable through line from the beginning of smartphone gaming in 2008 to today, it’s got to be the puzzler genre.
Through all the new genres, sub-genres, and gaming fads that we’ve seen over the years, you’ve always been able to count on a store easy supply of familiar puzzle games to play.

That’s not to say that the puzzle game genre is staid or in some way lacking in originality, however. New ideas have seeped through into a genre that’s as eclectic as any.

Just think of the different forms of puzzler for a second. There’s the classic match-three puzzler, which has itself spawned countless riffs and twists on the theme. There are physics-based puzzlers, numerical puzzlers, and those abstract delights that don’t easily fit any kind of description.

That’s why the puzzle game genre is as relevant today as it’s always been. We’ll always want a brain tickler to keep us occupied through those dead moments of the day.

Here, then, are 25 of the best puzzle games on Android. We’ve left a whole heap of brilliant games off this list, so do share in the comments below if your favourite isn’t represented.


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