Top 6 best iOS and Android games of October 2020

Top 6 best iOS and Android games of October 2020 | Articles

9th Dawn III: Shadow of Erthil

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

An immensely rich and detailed action RPG that might look quite retro and basic on the surgave, but actually turns out to be one of the most ambitious examples of the genre on mobile.

The game’s sprawling open world, countless quests, and absorbing twin-stick combat system really draw you in. There’s just so much STUFF in here. Did we mention you can capture and train monsters to fight at your side? Yeah, it’s that sort of game.

Slash Quest

Slash Quest
Slash Quest is one of the latest and brightest additions to the Apple Arcade stable (sorry Android owners), and it’s an absolute hoot to play. Essentially a simplified top-down action-adventure, the game really lifts off with its novel core mechanic.

Your hero wields an ever-expanding sword (steady) that can be rotated left or right to flip switches, slay goons, and chop vegetables in half.

The Survivalists

Genre: Action, Simulation

The Survivalists
latest effort from Team 17 – the British developer behind Worms and The Escapists. And it’s with that latter series that The Survivalists shares the most DNA.

As the name suggests it’s a survival game, here set on a procedurally generated desert island – an appropriately themed ‘sand box’ in which to experiment with the game’s branching tech trees and varied resources.

Shooty Quest

Shooty Quest
Shooty Quest might not wow with its visuals, but it’s an incredibly moreish arcade shooter. Your little archer stands in the middle of the screen, dispensing feathered justice on the waves of hoodlums that converge on his position.

It’s a simple tap-to-shoot affair, but there’s vital nuance added through the need to select the appropriate arrow type for the task at hand, a swipe-based dodge system, and more besides.

Pixel Pro Golf

Pixel Pro Golf
We love a good golf game here at PG, even those of us who couldn’t care less about the sport itself. There’s just some sort of magic that occurs when the game of posh people in silly trousers gets digitised.

Pixel Pro Golf is the perfect example – a charming, retro-tinged take on the sport that doesn’t stray too close to nerdy simulation, but features just enough depth to keep you teeing off.

Far: Lone Sails

Genre: Adventure, Strategy

Far: Lone Sails
This wonderfully evocative sci-fi oddity sees you pushing a fantastical land ship ever rightwards across a desolate (yet mercifully zombie-free) post-apocalyptic landscape, gathering resources and solving light puzzles along the way.

Far: Lone Sails has got atmosphere by the bucket load, and it doesn’t quite look or feel like anything else on mobile. It’s a bit of a mechanical wonder.

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