Let’s review the top-performing blockchain games and metaverse assets of the week. No changes on the podium but we see the comeback of Sunflower Land in the top 10 and the Sandbox taking back the lead from NFT World for virtual land sales.

Top play-to-earn games by active users

Game Active Users 7 days Change
1. Splinterlands 509k -0.9%
2. Alien Worlds 474k +19%
3. MOBOX: NFT Farmer 164k -9%
4. Farmers World 146k +14%
5. Upland 144k -6%
6. Pegaxy 114k +11%
7. Sunflower Land 99k +91%
8. Second Live 77k +33%
9. Galaxy Blocks 76k +30%
10. Defi Kingdoms 67k -4%
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This week we see the comeback of Pegaxy and Sunflower Land in the top 10 of the blockchain games with the most players. Axie Infinity lost its spot in the top 10, despite the launch of Axie Origin. It will be interesting to see if Sunflower Land can remain in the top ten and if the game’s relaunch will be a long-term success.

Top Virtual Worlds NFTs

Source OpenSea

The big winner this week seems to be Big Time. With the recent announcement of the first early access program to start on April 19, we can see a big spike of activity in the trading of the assets of the highly anticipated action RPG. We can also note that Worldwide Webb is gaining momentum while Decentraland is losing steam.

Top announcements of the week

1. NFT Worlds Announces Genesis Avatars

NFT Worlds is starting to feel like a play and earn juggernaut at this point. They have a functioning token payment system with seamless, gas free transfers between players, buildable, player-owned worlds, a staking system for passive income, APIs for use by world owners, and more! The latest info dump from the team brings us details about their upcoming NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars drop. – Read more

2. Big Time Early Access Pass Redemption Starts on April 19th for Gold Pass Holders

Big Time Early Access Launch for Golden Pass Holders

Big Time Studios, the creator of the highly anticipated action RPG game Big Time, has announced their early access launch schedule for Gold Pass Holders. The Gold Pass redemption will start on April 19, 2022 and players will be able to access the first beta version of the game. – Read more

3. MOMOverse Beta Opens to the Public

MOMOverse Beta banner

Running from April 15th through April 28th, 2022, the MOMOverse Open Beta Test allows players a chance to experience the MOMOverse, participate in competitions, and maybe earn some MBOX along the way. The beta is open to everyone. – Read more

Top 10 Blockchain Gaming Tokens

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