Tropical Merge is a family farm adventure game full of mysteries that has been soft-launched. It’s now available on Android for players from the United Kingdom, Russia, and a few other countries.

About Tropical Merge

Tropical Merge has been developed and published by Clever Apps Pte. Ltd. It specializes in developing simulation and puzzlers, with over a dozen published titles in these genres.
Tropical Merge is all about creating paradise farmland. Yes, it’s another family farm adventure game, but it’s filled with surprises and extraordinary characters. In it, you have to unlock new items first by merging three or more items and then progressing in the field. Then, you can unlock new territories.

To grow crops, you will have to make the island cultivable by cutting down the weeds, collecting resources, and selling them. As the story unfolds, you will explore more islands, their inhabitants and build an ideal tropical farm.

Tropical Merge is now available on Android in select countries

Tropical Merge is now available for a limited audience on Android. It’s out in the United Kingdom, Russia and a few other countries. You can check if it is officially available in your region by visiting Google Play. If the download button is available, then you are in luck, or else just like iOS users, you will have to wait a bit longer to get your hands on it.

The developers are yet to reveal the global release date and whether it would even release on iOS. Rest assured, we will make sure to update you when any news arrives.

Final Words

Tropical Merge is a farming simulator that is all about cultivating tropical crops. It looks to be a good time killer that has good rewards and daily challenges.
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