Square Enix has released a closer look at the Wavelengths DLC for Life is Strange: True Colors, which is set to star fan-favourite character Steph Gingrich.

Steph first popped up in Deck Nine’s enjoyable Life is Strange prequel Before the Storm, and will next appear in True Colors itself.

Wavelengths, set shortly before True Colors, will show Steph’s journey from Arcadia Bay’s resident D&D master to Haven Springs radio DJ. From GM to FM!

It looks like you’ll be helping Steph in her job – the DLC will feature a list of licensed music from Foals, Alt J, Sigur Ros and more to play in her sound booth – as well as in her dating life.

The story also appears to take place over various seasons, with the music store she’s based in changing to reflect Pride, Halloween and New Year.

Wavelengths acts as a prequel to True Colors, which releases all in one go on 10th September (no more episodic releases this time around!).

But, rather oddly, you’ll probably end up playing it after True Colors – as Wavelengths arrives a little later on 30th September. You can either pick it up separately, or it’ll be available as part of True Colors’ Deluxe and Ultimate Editions.

Earlier this week, Square Enix announced delays for True Colors on Nintendo Switch (which will now arrive before the end of 2021) and for the Life is Strange: Remastered Collection (now early 2022).

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