Turbo Shot is Wizard Games’ charming upcoming mobile adventure where you can put your shooting skills to the test to protect the environment. Filled with intriguing puzzles, challenging AI opponents, and an engaging narrative, the game is an action-filled experience all kinds of players can enjoy for hours on end.

Easy, intuitive controls

Using your left joystick to move around and your right joystick to aim, you can easily shoot your way through your noble quest to stop the evil Dr. Stinchcomb from kidnapping Blerphs and destroying Pimlott-4’s natural environment.
Help siblings Skylar and Jin escape Stinchcorp by making it through locked doors and traversing floating platforms. Solve a wide variety of headscratchers and survive the buttons, bombs, spike traps, and other obstacles in your way. Don’t forget to pick up power-ups to obliterate the enemies on your path!

Madcap PvP mayhem

While the single-player campaign is already immersive enough, you can engage in a match or two with your best buds in the adrenaline-pumping PvP mode. A little bit of friendly competition makes for a more exciting experience, after all.
The multiplayer arena features 10 players who’ll have to best each other to collect the most crystals. Then, race to the teleporter and warp out of there with your loot. Who knows? You might just land the top spot in the leaderboards – if you can somehow survive all the traps and hazards in the arena.

Turbo-charged Turbo Chests

You can take your pick from a quirky cast of characters and use the power of the Blerphs to explore new technologies. Power-Ups are available for you to boost your fire rate or protect you with a shield, as well as Power Points and new skins from Turbo Chests. Unlockable every four hours, these Turbo Chests can greatly tip the scales in your favour out there, and if you can’t wait for the next chest to pop up, you can spend some premium currencies to speed up the collection rate.


Ready to have a blast?

Players can expect new seasonal content as the community of fans grows, from new chapters for the single-player campaign to new environments and characters to experience. Take advantage of the Turbo Pass to earn rewards, or collect trophies to show off to your friends! If you’re ready to dive in, you can be part of the Turbo Shot community right now ahead of its release by joining the game’s official Discord group. Turbo Shot is set to launch for iOS and Android later this year as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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