Players hoping the Temtem Weekly Reset would bring an improved chance to catch Lumas from Kisiwa in the Saipark are going to be disappointed. However, the two Temtem you can catch are both excellent for the battles you will face on Temtem’s latest island. And any increase in Luma encounter odds is a good thing in my book. As for the FreeTem rewards you can get with the latest Temtem Weekly Reset, they’re lukewarm at best.

FreeTem! out of good stock

Other than the tier four FreeTem reward, there’s nothing worth going out of your way for this week. The tier four reward requires you to release 400 Temtem and will earn you one Telomere Hack for STA (stamina). Telomere Hacks are basically priceless, but that’s a lot of work for one extra point in your stamina SV. I would much rather focus on all the new content that’s arrived with the summer update and Kisiwa.

You are going to be breeding the new Kisiwan Temtem if you want to get the best ones you can. So, while the tier three reward will help with this, you can purchase one Gifted DNA Strand for 1,000 Pansuns. And you can earn that a lot more easily than catching and releasing 200 Temtem for the FreeTem! reward.

Get your golden Lumas

Wind-types and Nature-types are both excellent throughout Kisiwa. Nature-types, like Spriole, are highly effective against the endless Earth-types you will encounter around the island. And Wind-types, like Paharo, have no weakness to Earth-types and are good against the Earth/Toxic-type hybrid Akranox. The only Temtem you need to watch out for is Grumper, but you’ll only encounter one or two.

Plus, I think Paharo and Spriole both have gorgeous Luma recolors. The golden glow each Temtem gets has serious stand out value when you’re running around the open world. If you’re still not convinced, both Temtem have a 10% chance to come with an Egg Technique this week. And, as luck would have it, both also have one incredible Egg Technique. For Paharo, you want Hyperkinetic Strike. And for Spriole, you want Frond Whip.

With the latest Temtem Weekly Reset, I recommend you completely ignore FreeTem and try catch one of the Lumas. Pick the Temtem you want the most from the Saipark, catch a few of them with an Egg Technique. Then save your remaining Temcards in the hope you encounter a Luma. Otherwise, just enjoy Kisiwa.

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