Lost in Random has a bunch of sidequests for players to take on. While you won’t see any of these in Onecroft, they pop up for real in Two-town, where you can find several. The game’s sidequests reward players with cards and currency (which is exclusively used to buy cards.) One of the very first sidequests you’ll come across requires you to locate and deliver three creatures called Bloobs. If you’re wondering where to find these Bloobs in Lost in Random, then this guide will tell you where to locate them

Once you enter the main square in Two-town, you’ll have a few new sidequests to take care of in this area. One of these is accepted simply by talking to the man with a face on both his front and back right by the square’s entrance. You can’t miss him. Once you do, both sides of the man will request that you find three creatures called Bloobs and return them to him. But you can return them to either side, so it’s up to you. Keep in mind that, whichever side you don’t help will effectively die. As for where to find the Bloobs, they’re all fairly close.


I’ve included pictures of all three locations at the bottom of this page. The first Bloob is on the roof of the opposite side of the square. You can’t miss it, because there’s an old man standing directly across from the two-sided man with a green question mark over his head. Talk to him and he’ll ask for help getting something off his roof. Simply head up there using the stairs and you’ll find the first Bloob. Make sure you talk to the man again, as he’ll give you a reward for your assistance.

What’s so civil about Bloobs anyway?

Another Bloob is found in the area before the square. You’ll notice a ladder you can climb near the multi-hatted man standing by the walkway entrance. Just climb up here and the Bloob is on a crate. You may have climbed up here before, but you wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything, as this quest needs to be active before you can acquire the Bloob.

The last bloob is back on Seller Street, meaning that you need to walk all the way back to the start of this section where the traders are selling things. If you’re having trouble spotting it, look for the green exclamation point, which you can see through objects. The Bloob is in a stall, so it’s not the most obvious spot.

Now that you’ve got all three Bloobs, all you need to do is return to the two-sided man in the Two-town square. Talk to him and you’ll get the option to give them to either of his sides. I’m not entirely sure if you get a different card depending on which side you give it to, but giving it to the logical side will grant you Natalya’s Bell, which is a card that creates a moving zone that heals you while you’re within it. That’s all there is to this sidequest, but we’ve also got the info on how to complete the A Reward to Die For quest as well. Or you can just look at your map, which clearly tells you where all the sidequests are located.

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