Ubisoft has warned Rainbow Six Siege AFK abuse “will be sanctioned”.

The developer said it had noticed the “rising issue” of players abusing AFK methods in recent weeks, which it said had disrupted play in the competitive online shooter.

Last night, Ubisoft issued a wave of manual sanctions as it confirmed it was “evaluating design changes” to address the problem. Meanwhile, it’s adding new automatic AFK detections.

Ubisoft also called on players to report those found abusing AFK methods.

Why go AFK in Siege? One reason is bots can level up their accounts by being AFK in-game, which means cheaters have easy access to multiple high-level accounts they can use when they are banned. It can be difficult to detect AFK bots if they are scripted to perform an action, such as fire a bullet, at randomised intervals.

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Siege isn’t the only competitive multiplayer game to suffer from AFK abuse, of course – it’s been a common method for farming match completions for years, and afflicts everything from Call of Duty to Halo.

Last month, Eurogamer reported on AFK “bouncers” who were ruining Siege in Japan.

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