Ubisoft first unveiled its upcoming open-world action-adventure game Gods & Monsters at last year’s E3. Since then, it’s been delayed on multiple occasions.

While we are expecting to see more of it during the Ubisoft Foward presentation next month, apparently an “early development build” of the game has now appeared on Google Stadia, and some users have been able to access it.

Based on the uploads below, it really does seem to draw inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. One of the tweets shows some rock climbing and what looks to be a stamina wheel, while the other clip shows off the game’s combat.

Keep in mind, this is believed to be an early build, so there’s no guarantee the final game will necessarily look or play like this. Ubisoft is also reportedly taking down clips – so be sure to view them while you still can!

What do you think of this footage? Share your thoughts below.

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