With the actual world being a complete mess nowadays, no one would blame you for wanting to get lost in the vastness of nature. If the watery depths are calling to you, perhaps E-Line Media’s Beyond Blue will be your next port of call. Debuting a brand new trailer at the IGN Summer of Gaming event, the soothing underwater adventure will be available on consoles and PC on June 11, following its Apple Arcade release in 2019.

Watery embrace

A narrative adventure that allows players to explore the mysteries of the deep, you can also learn more about the inhabitants of this world. Taking to the oceans as Mirai, you will assist your research team and see, hear, and sense the ocean like never before. The variety of sea life will also be complemented by other characters that you will meet.

The hook of the narrative lies in the mystery about the whales that you will figure out. You will need to contend with resource management, making hard decisions, and prioritize your objectives. It is likely our ocean friends will face some crisis or another, and it will be up to us to help decide their fate. Prepare to take multiple dives, exploring and learning as you bask in the serenity.

Beyond Blue will also feature content from BBC Earth’s Beyond Blue II, with 16 mini-documentaries you can watch. The interviews with various experts on the ocean will definitely add to your knowledge. Games do have educational values, it would seem.

Uncover The Mysteries Of The Deep Blue Sea In Beyond Blue (2)

Diving in the ocean and research time can be calming, but if you are looking for tunes, Beyond Blue features a soundtrack that has the likes of Miles Davis, The Flaming Lips, and more. The voice talent for Beyond Blue is not too shabby either. With Anna Akana, Mira Furlan, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, and Ally Maki involved, the narrative is brought to life further with their help.

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