A brand new indie motor-bike physics-based racing game has been launched as of today, courtesy of Tate Multimedia and PID Games. Titled Urban Trial Pocket, this one seeks to give you some high-octane thrills delivered through challenging tracks full of obstacles that are hellbent on making sure you can’t pull off those cool tricks you’re trying to do.

Urban Trial Pocket will remind a lot of gamers of the classic Trials series, and takes a lot of inspiration from it clearly. Where it differentiates itself is in the fact that it encourages you to be reckless and try to perform a massive array of tricks to up your score rather than just making it to the end of the track as fast as possible.

This gives the game a sort of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater vibe, where you’re really trying to both stay on your bike and also perform the widest variety of tricks you can pull off within the restraints of the track you’re on. So, really, with inspiration from two of the most legendary classics of all time, it’s easy to see how this could be a winning combination.

And to make the deal even sweeter, there’s of course an extensive library of customization options, both for your bike and your racer as well. Do you want to look like a unicorn and blaze rainbow paths of gas everywhere you go? Why not! Maybe you’re old-school, looking to sport a leather jacket on a Harley? Go for it! There’s an abundance of fun options here, and they’re all cosmetic, so you have all the freedom in the world!

With all of these features on top of three single-player modes and 30 levels with side challenges, there’s a lot on offer here! If you’re looking to get into it yourself, you can check out Urban Trial Pocket for free at either of the links below and rev up your engines right now!

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