Wondering what’s coming in the big Valheim Hearth and Home update? Valheim was a huge hit early this year after its early access launch in February and sold millions of copies. The five-person development team, Iron Gate Studios, was certainly taken by surprise, but it’s laid out big plans to fit its big Viking fanbase. Iron Gate is already looking ahead to a Mistlands update following the big Hearth & Home additions for this autumn.

Updates planned for later down the road such as the ‘Cult of the Wolf’ and ‘Ships and the Sea’, certainly have intriguing names, too. But the first major update on the list—Hearth and Home—is what most players are talking about, not least of all because the building aspect of Valheim has become so popular. With various players showing off their opulent bases, it’s hard not to get bitten by the bug and test your own architectural prowess.

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