Valheim players have spent 185 million hours exploring its surprisingly large world, but already some are moving onto the next stage of Viking colonialism: exploiting the land and its resources in the most disturbing ways possible. Instead of killing monsters for their resources, some players have invented nightmarish death machines that do all the hard work for them. It’s as clever as it is cruel.

Over on the Valheim subreddit, a player called Leathermattress has created what they call “The Greydwarf Toaster 5000″—which makes it sound like a very complicated machine when it is, in fact, just a giant flaming pit surrounding a greydwarf nest. These part-tree-part-human pests are found all over Valheim’s world and are a constant nuisance, but they also drop resources players need like wood, stone, and, yes, even their own eyeballs.

The Greydwarf toaster 5000. from r/valheim

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