Have you ever been in a multiplayer game session and losing badly, but you had no choice but to see it out? That feeling is not the best, and quitting can often adversely impact your future experiences. Some games have made it possible to surrender and end things quickly, but for Riot Games’ latest shooter, Valorant, that option is not yet available. Rest easy, though, as the studio has now confirmed that match surrender will be made possible in patch 1.02.

Cut your losses

As part of Riot’s Ask Valorant series, senior producer Ian Fielding confirmed the upcoming addition. “Yes! An option for early surrender will be introduced with patch 1.02. Please see our 1.02 patch notes for more info around how the system will work,” he stated.

Not only will that save players from unwarranted humiliation, it can also be a lifesaver if your opponents or even teammates are not the nicest people on chat. Of course, the flipside is that miracles can happen. Teams can go from losing badly to turning things around and snatching victory.

However, the odds of that happening regularly is slim to none, and having the option to cut short your suffering in Valorant can be a good thing. Not everyone can stay in a match, especially when life gets in the way – via poor Internet connectivity or real-life priorities, for example. At least now, players will have an avenue to address that swiftly.

Knowing the consequences

Valorant‘s version of surrender may be different from what we are used to. The patch notes for patch 1.02 will shed more light on that. For competitive players, it is of utmost importance to know what impact that can have on their rankings and stats. Being penalized for quitting a match early is one thing, but needing to do so due to unforeseen circumstances is another.

Patch 1.02 has no confirmed release date just yet. Riot has teased that competitive mode is coming sometime this week. That will be included in 1.02, so it might help fans to piece the puzzle together.

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