Warzone is headed to the hospital next

Warzone is headed to the hospital next

Despite all the nonsense with infinite stim glitches and cheaters running around ruining the experience for everyone, Call of Duty: Warzone remains a fun game in which to lose yourself. The intensity of the action, the risk of meeting other players, and the ever-pressing need to avoid poisonous gas make for an intoxicating blend of action that the Call of Duty franchise does so well. Add in the new Call of Duty: Warzone Outbreak event, and things get ramped up even more. The zombies have been making their move across the map lately, and we have a better idea of where they’re headed to next. From what we’ve gathered, Call of Duty: Warzone is bringing the Outbreak to the hospital.

We know this based on the outreach done by Activision for the game. Call of Duty content creators have shared the latest marketing drop from the company, which comes in the form of medical scrubs. These uniforms are not just any old scrubs, though. They bear the markings of the Verdansk General Hospital found in Warzone Outbreak. And they came with a note.


“The latest diagnosis? It’s looking grim in Verdansk,” the note states. “Escape while you still can. I’d say ‘take two of these and see you in the morning’, but you won’t last until morning.”

Ominous words, to say the least. I bet players are going to survive until morning, but stranger things have certainly happened.


Shuffling dead

Following the arrival of the living dead about two weeks ago, the Outbreak in Call of Duty: Warzone is slowly kicking things off. Granted, it did not exactly start off with a bang, but the slow burn might actually be more exciting. Players are eager to see where things lead, and the hospital will be the next hotspot for some action.

Is this just the next step for the zombies? Or is there something more significant awaiting us at the hospital? We will just have to wait and see. There is also that nagging fear at the back of our minds about Verdansk’s fate despite the Outbreak in Call of Duty: WarzoneWill the nuke ever drop onto the map? Is it to wipe out the zombies?

The end of Season 2 cannot come soon enough.

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