Say Alola to Melemele Island, Akala Island, Ula’ula Island,
and Poni Island as Ash explores the beautiful region of Alola on Pokémon TV. In
this collection of episodes, you’ll see him battling Totem Pokémon like Totem
Gumshoos and Totem Lurantis, as well as challenging powerful Island Kahunas,
including Hala and Olivia. Ash certainly has his work cut out for him!
Fortunately, Alola is filled with stunning tropical scenery, compelling
Trainers like Ash’s friends at the Pokémon School, mentors eager to assist him
on his path, and exciting Pokémon regional variants. Does Ash have what it
takes to complete the Island Challenge? There’s only one way to find out.

You have two weeks to watch the curated collection of Ash’s
battles with Island Kahunas and Totem Pokémon in classic episodes of Pokémon
TV. Remember that you can watch Pokémon TV here on
or using the Pokémon TV mobile app.

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