The fifth episode of the Pokémon
animated series is now available on Pokémon
TV and the Official Pokémon
YouTube Channel

This latest installment is set in the Sinnoh region, which is
explored in Pokémon
and Pokémon
, Pokémon
Brilliant Diamond
and Pokémon
Shining Pearl
, and the upcoming Pokémon
Legends: Arceus
video games. Titled “The Rival,” this story focuses on the rival Pokémon Trainers
who always seem to be one step ahead, driving those around them to better their
skills. At some point in their journey, though, every Trainer must stop to face
a Pokémon battle against their personal rival. For Barry, that time has come.

The next episode of Pokémon Evolutions is scheduled to debut on December 9, 2021. Don’t forget to check so you don’t miss future installments of this animated journey through the many regions that make up the Pokémon world.

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