What are the November 2021 PS Plus games for PS5 and PS4 and when will the November 2021 PS Plus games be announced? As Christmas quickly approaches, Sony will be looking to keep PlayStation Plus subscribers engaged, so that they re-subscribe into the New Year. On this page, we’re going to share the latest rumours and speculation regarding the service.

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PS Plus: When Will November 2021’s Games for PS5, PS4 Be Announced?

The new PS Plus games are routinely announced on the final Wednesday in the month, which means you’ll officially find out about November 2021’s offering on 27th October, 2021. The lineup is typically revealed around 4:30PM UK time. We’ve included some references for different time zones below:

  • North America: 8:30am PDT / 9:30am MDT / 10:30am CDT / 11:30am EDT
  • UK/Ire: 4:30pm BST
  • Europe: 5:30pm CEST / 6:30pm EEST
  • Asia/Oceania: 12:30am JST / 11:30pm AWST / 2:30am AEDT

It’s worth keeping in mind that there have been plenty of accurate leaks of late, so keep your eyes peeled to Push Square as we may get the information early.

PS Plus: When Will November 2021’s Games for PS5, PS4 Be Available to Download?

The new PS Plus games tend to be made available to download on the first Tuesday in the month, which is Tuesday, 2nd November this time around.

PS Plus: What Are November 2021’s Games for PS5, PS4?

The first thing we know about November 2021’s PS Plus games for PS5 and PS4 is that there will be three bonus PSVR games available for subscribers. While the wording is a little vague, Sony is marking the headset’s five year anniversary with extra virtual reality titles, which will be made available in addition to the usual selection of free games. There aren’t any new PS5 releases scheduled for 2nd November right now, so it looks like the organisation may have to dig into the next-gen console’s nascent archives, rather than give away something new. This has been the case with the PS4 for a while now, making it difficult to predict the trio of titles. Fortunately, accurate leaks mean we may not have to wait for the official confirmation to get a glimpse of what’s in store.

PS Plus: What November 2021 Games for PS5, PS4 Do You Want?

So, now you know when the PS5 and PS4 games will be announced, what is it that you want? This is your opportunity to share your hopes, fears, and realistic expectations. Which bonus PSVR titles would you appreciate? And what do you want on PS5 this month?

What November 2021 PS Plus games do you want for PS5 and PS4? Try to remain somewhat realistic, and let us know in the comments section below.

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