ASUS’ Republic of Gamers brand has been giving tech enthusiasts computer parts to drool over for some time now, and with its latest products, ROG is getting even deeper into the fray. Two new ROG keyboards, the ROG Claymore II and ROG Falchion, are going to shake things up on your desk with the high-end specs you demand as well as a few special tricks up their sleeves.

Keyboards haven’t been a big part of ROG’s product offerings in the past. But the ROG Claymore II and ROG Falchion show that ROG isn’t about playing catch-up. These keyboards come with some of the tech you’d expect, like RGB lighting and N-key rollover, but ROG has some new tech on display as well.

(Image credit: Asus)

The ROG Claymore II is the new star of the show. At its heart are the new, custom-built ROG RX switches. These have been designed from the ground up for a high-performance, consistent experience. The ROG RX switches can give you more responsive control with a 1.5mm actuation depth (compare that to Cherry MX Red’s 2mm actuation point). The switches also have a square stem and a scissor-like X-Stabilizer that keeps the key from wobbling, so every press is smooth and linear. Finally, since the switches are actually optical, rather than relying on traditional mechanical contacts, there’s zero debounce, so key presses register that much faster. 

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