With the current social situation, you might have considered picking up a subscription for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for PC, and this deal on Amazon makes it all the more tempting. Currently, you can grab six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for £32.99—that’s the usual price for a three-month subscriptio,n but this deal gives you an extra three months on top of that, absolutely free. 

For this particular offer, you’ll be given two separate codes, each for a three-month subscription. One of these will be the promotional code and has an expiry date of May 14, so make sure you redeem both in plenty of time. 

The popular service was bought to PC following its reveal at E3 last year and, while it’s still in beta, it includes an ever-increasing library of games for you to download and play. The list is actually pretty impressive and often includes games from the day they release. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is probably the most recent example of this, but other games such as The Outer Worlds and the souls-like Ashen were also day one releases.

The price of the normal subscription might seem like an unnecessary expense but if you happen to own an Xbox as well as a gaming PC, you’ll get even more for your money as it also includes Game Pass titles on Xbox as well as covering your Xbox Live Gold subscription.

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