Firaxis Games and the turn-based tactical genre have been hitting it off well in recent times. Both XCOM 2 and XCOM 2: War of the Chosen were stellar entries in this area, and more is surely to come. With the launch of XCOM: Chimera Squad, the different direction may have enticed new fans and returning veterans to want that good old formula once again, and 2K Games is set to help you with that. An XCOM 2 free trial is currently running on Steam.

Fighting the enemy within

Between now and April 30, players can look forward to engaging in guerrilla warfare against alien overlords. There is plenty of content to chew through, and it will likely take you more than a couple of days to liberate our planet. When you inevitably get hooked, those looking for a great deal need not look any further. The game will be available for 75 percent off during this period.

In fact, you can also get most of XCOM 2‘s DLC for cheap. We highly recommend getting the War of the Chosen expansion to add a different dimension to the game. Not only does it bring in more terrifying alien enemies, but XCOM is getting some help from three interesting factions with their own unique abilities and offerings. It is frankly the most complete package of XCOM 2 anyone could hope for.

The history of XCOM

For the uninitiated, XCOM 2 is a turn-based tactics title from developers Firaxis Games and publisher 2K Games. A sequel to 2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown, this 2016 game still holds up as one of the best in the genre. With Earth now under the occupation of alien overlords, the people are subjected to a totalitarian regime and military dictatorship.

Together with your squad, it will be up to you to stoke the resistance and rise up against these enemies. XCOM: Chimera Squad, the latest title in the franchise, takes place five years after War of the Chosen. It stars the titular squad in trying to maintain a fragile peace in City 31 among humans, aliens, and hybrids.

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