The characters you meet in XCOM: Chimera Squad can only equip specific types of weaponry, and you’ll obviously want to find the best-in-slot items for them. That’s where epic weapons come in, and you might even find some of them in the Scavenger Market. Here’s our mini-guide to help you out.

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XCOM: Chimera Squad – Missions and the Scavenger Market

You can sometimes find epic weapons in the Scavenger Market. The vendor pops up from time to time and actually has rarer items than the ones currently sold in your HQ’s supply menu. Sometimes, you might even find items that you can only get after eliminating the three hostile factions in City 31.

Anyway, you’ll unlock the Scavenger Market after completing a situation-type mission early in the game. Afterward, it’ll pop up every few days or so (you’re usually notified when it’s available so don’t worry).

Xcsq Scav 1

The items being sold in the Scavenger Market require intel. You could start farming the intel resource, or you could complete one of the Spec Ops projects (“Sanctioned Cooperation”) to ensure that the next one you buy is free:

Xcsq Scav 2

You can also find epic weapons from certain missions. You’ll only be told that a mission rewards an “epic shotgun” or “epic assault rifle,” but you won’t know what that is until you’ve completed it:

Xcsq Scav 3

In the last room/encounter, you’ll find a specific mob that has the weapon. Defeat it and clear the room, and the item will be yours:

Xcsq Scav 4

Epic weapons

These firearms pack quite a punch and, combined with enhanced and master-crafted upgrades from your research projects, you’ll gain additional DPS and the “Shredder” perk to chew through armor. Each one also provides a unique skill to the wearer.

Xcom Chimera Squad Epic Weapons Guide Scavenger Market Epic Items 2 Smg


  • Artful Fathom: Lightning Hands – Fire a shot that doesn’t cost an action point; 3-turn cooldown. This weapon is perfect for Blueblood due to the character’s skills and abilities.
  • Endless Brevity: Fan Fire – Shoot the pistol three times at the same target; 1 use per mission.


  • Lonely Herald: Run and Gun – Take an action after dashing; 3-turn cooldown.
  • Callow Ember: Rapid Fire – Shoot an enemy twice in a row; aim penalty on your second shot; 1 use per mission.

Submachine Guns

  • Surly Constant: Hail of Bullets – The shot is guaranteed to hit your target, but it uses up a lot of ammo; 3-turn cooldown.
  • Crucial Symmetry: Chain Shot – Take a shot with an aim penalty, but you’ll shoot the target again if it hits; 3-turn cooldown.

Assault Rifles

  • Impetuous Spire: Banish – Shoot a target until it dies or you run out of ammo; 1 use per mission.
  • Fortunate Blossom: Each kill you make with the weapon refunds your action; 1 use per mission.

Xcom Chimera Squad Epic Weapons Guide Scavenger Market Epic Items 3 Shotgun

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