XCOM: Chimera Squad has several assembly research projects, spec ops plans, and training upgrades for you to check out in your HQ. These will take a number of turns to complete, but you’ll end up with advanced items, boosts to your campaign, and permanent buffs for your characters. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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XCOM: Chimera Squad – Tech up with assembly research projects

Research in XCOM: Chimera Squad is fairly straightforward. You’re not going to conduct alien autopsies to increase your knowledge of advanced technology. Instead, research projects are made available as you progress through the story. Some are even unlocked after you’ve completed faction investigations. For instance, eliminating The Progeny lets you research psionic-based grenades and defense systems. Completing these projects will let you buy certain items or upgrades from your HQ’s supply menu.

Here are some useful ones:

  • Improved assembly research – Allows two agents to be assigned in the assembly to speed up research completion
  • Improved spec ops/improved training – Allows two agents assigned to complete different spec ops or training projects
  • Enhanced/master-crafted weapons – There are variants of these for pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, and shotguns. The enhanced buff adds +1 damage; the master-crafted buff gives another +1 damage and the “Shredder” perk (lowers target armor).
  • Enhanced/master-crafted armor – The enhanced version adds +1 HP for troopers; the master-crafted version gives another +1 HP and an extra utility item slot.
  • Field teams upgrades – These will allow you to level-up your field teams on the holo map.

Xcom Chimera Squad Research Spec Ops Training Guide 1

Spec ops: Change the flow of your campaign

The basic spec ops projects can be undertaken by any character, and these require 3 turns to get completed. The rest have various effects that can be very beneficial for your XCOM: Chimera Squad campaign. However, they’ve got different requirements and will take 5 turns to complete.

Basic projects:

  • Gladhanding – +85 credits
  • Legwork – +65 intel
  • Elerium Sting – +25 elerium

Additional projects:

  • Sanctioned Cooperation – the next item you buy in the Scavenger Market is free; requires Special Agent rank or higher; requires a Technology field team at rank 2 or higher
  • Humanitarian Aid – reduce unrest in all districts by 1 point; requires Special Agent rank or higher; requires a Security field team at rank 2 or higher
  • Recruitment Drive – gives a free field team that can be assigned to a district; requires Special Agent rank or higher; requires a Finance field team at rank 2 or higher
  • Crisis Management – reduce City 31 anarchy by 3 points; requires Senior Agent rank or higher
  • STAR Initiative – +20% mission XP for agents for the next 5 days; requires Principal Agent rank

As mentioned in our missions and field teams guide, Humanitarian Aid can single-handedly save your XCOM: Chimera Squad playthrough because it reduces unrest. If you need stuff such as epic weapons from the Scavenger Market, you can use Legwork to gain intel or Sanctioned Cooperation for a freebie.

Xcom Chimera Squad Research Spec Ops Training Guide 2

Training: Unlock permanent buffs

Training lets you gain permanent buffs for your characters in XCOM: Chimera Squad. If your squadmates were wounded during a fight, they’ll also have scars and they’ll suffer from a debuff unless they undergo training to get healed.

Default (no rank requirement; 2 turns):

  • Basic Conditioning – +2 HP
  • Mental Preparation – Remove “Unfocused” psi scar
  • Toughness – Remove “Weakened” HP scar
  • Heightened Reflexes – Remove “Sluggish” effect (low dodge)

Unlock Potential (requires special agent rank; 3 turns):

  • Godmother, Cherub, and Zephyr – +2 movement
  • Verge – +1 mobility and +15 dodge
  • Blueblood – +15 crit chance
  • Terminal- +1 utility item slot

Xcom Chimera Squad Research Spec Ops Training Guide 3

The remaining training activities are only available once you reach principal agent rank with a character. The training period lasts 5 turns for the following:

  • Verge: Mind Lash – +1 damage to enemies in the Neural Network
  • Blueblood: Free Reload – Reloading doesn’t cost action points
  • Cherub: Return Fire – Automatically fire at an enemy that shot you
  • Godmother: Step Up – Scoring kills grants a free reload action
  • Zephyr: High Impact – Crowd control will apply a random debuff to targets
  • Terminal: Guardian – Overwatch triggers for multiple targets as long as ammo is available
  • Patchwork: Storm Generator – Increases range of Chaining Jolt

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XCOM: Chimera Squad is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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