Let’s be real people, if you want to get a new GPU you’re better off waiting. For how long, I just don’t know. At this rate, it could be months or even until 2022 that any of Nvidia’s or AMD’s new cards are actually available in numbers that don’t drive prices up to ridiculous ranges. But if you still want to get a new computer, just without the graphics card, it’s a hard deal. Thankfully, there’s a way to get a new pre-built PC without wasting your cash, that is, if you’re fine with your current GPU.

Fierce PC, a PC building company in the UK, is now selling pre-built computers without any GPUs installed. The idea is that you, the customer, would pick up one of these admittedly beefy rigs and install a card you already have. There are only three rigs like this available now, costing from £559.95 (or around $770 USD) to £899.95 ($1,238 USD). The cheapest PC on this list is the Nexus Pro, which rocks a liquid-cooled Intel Core i5-9400F, 8 GB of memory, a 240 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD, and a 600W Bronze power supply. On the other end is the Nexus Elite, which sports a similarly liquid-cooled Intel Core i7 10700, 16 GB of memory, a 250GB SSD, and a 1 TB HDD, all powered by the same 600W Bronze PSU. Of course, these spec lists are all default and can be customized.


The next step for pre-built manufacturers?

While the past year has been an explosion for PC companies and hardware manufacturers, it’s also brought with it a scarcity of parts. We usually see that reflected in tweets or articles about how fast a card sells out, and that makes sense. When a ton of people are disappointed, you’ll see, well, a ton of disappointed people. But people aren’t the only ones not getting their RTX 3080.

(credit: HKEPC.com)

These GPU shortages have also affected the companies that sell pre-built PCs. They can’t offer computers with the latest tech because they simply don’t have it. In a way, Fierce PC’s decision to start selling pre-built computers without GPUs is the most sensible reaction to the current environment. People still have their own GPU cards they won’t be parting with for a while. If they don’t have the savvy to build their own computer (which is much cheaper than going through Fierce PC), then this is the most attractive offer out there. They don’t have to waste cash on a build with a GPU they don’t need or want and can still get a beefier rig.

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